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Good communication is a must-have for business success. Yet costly, cumbersome phone systems are fraught with complexity and confusion. This often leads to missed business calls and opportunities. Cloudya, the cloud telephone system from NFON, is the modern, fail-safe way to make calls. Hosted in data process centres, rather than in-house, NFON uses VoIP technology to help staff stay connected wherever and however they want to make calls.

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Easy setup

Say goodbye to costly hardware and the hassle of connecting employees to your telephone system. Add and remove extensions quickly as you choose.
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Better cash control

Forget upfront costs, long-term maintenance contracts and costly upgrades. NFON system includes lifelong free updates.

Reduced costs

Cloud telephony can shave up to 50% off the cost of a traditional telephone system.
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Swap costly, long-term phone contracts for a Cloud phone system offering flexibility, agility and advanced call management features on a rolling monthly plan.

Premium telephony solutions in your industry

Every business is unique. Our Premium Solutions help companies embrace a cloud telephone system that solves their individual industry or company challenges.

  • Nconnect Voice enables your transition towards flexible, scalable, IP communications.
  • Advanced Contact Centre solutions provide professional customer communication capabilities.
  • Hospitality Solutions provide cutting-edge communications for the hospitality industry enable you to streamline processes and cut costs.
  • Digital Voice Services future-proof digital voice recording with GDPR-compliant recording and storage.


Cloud Telephony


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With our Unified Communications solutions you're free to choose your endpoint - whether its PC/laptop, desk phone or mobile - you decide how you would like to communicate.
We take care of the set-up of your devices with our auto-provisioning service: simply unpack, plug in and start communicating.

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