Unleash Your Print Fleet With Data

Start your journey to an optimised print environment with a detailed print assessment that will reveal how and what your company prints.

Using Xeretec Vision, our in-house designed business analytics platform, which combines analytics with powerful ‘what if’ scenarios, we’ll provide the facts you need to confidently deploy solutions that will optimise your print environment.

Information is displayed in a graphic and interactive dashboard for easy analysis and interpretation.

Reduce Costs

Learn where you can make simple changes to drive cost savings
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Increase Productivity

Increase print, document, process and workplace efficiency
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Achieve Compliance

Increase security with audit trails and measures that stop potential data breaches
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Environmental Gains

Identify the areas where you can reduce deliveries, paper, electricity and CO2 emissions

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Actionable Intelligence

Our teams are dedicated to providing real insights into your print environment. Xeretec Vision removes guesswork by providing accurate data on what documents are being printed by user, department and site to give you a true TCO of your print fleet including lease, service, operational and paper costs. Vision’s powerful ‘what if’ analysis enables you to see how changes to your organisation’s printing behaviour could positively benefit your business.

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