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Imagine a perfect world in which you have the insight and power to control and reduce print costs and manage security risks more easily. An environment that maximises employee productivity through more efficient business processes and document workflow, without you doing a thing. A properly managed print service can help you achieve this and bring huge financial rewards.

IDC recently completed an end user study, which found that many customers are dissatisfied with the service delivery of their managed print services. The report, Print Services Engagements: Meeting Customers' Goals (IDC #EMEA42826217, June 2017) found that print service providers very often fail to meet customer expectations. As a result of their dissatisfaction with service delivery, approximately 40% of European companies switch provider at the end of contracts. In many cases, one of the key reasons for their dissatisfaction centred on managed print service providers not delivering on the cost savings initially promised.

Find out how our approach can help you unlock the full benefits of a managed print service.


Control Costs

Find out who’s printing what and from what device and better control usage and costs over the long-term
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Ensure Compliance

Mitigate security risks with a managed print service that keeps print secure, reduces waste and improves workforce productivity
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Increase Productivity

Print only what you need when you need it with enhanced workflow and document processes
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Free IT Teams

Let IT staff focus on core business activities by offloading the burden of print management to our specialist teams

We Start With You

We understand that every business is on a different part of their journey. Our approach to managed print services starts with gaining a deep understanding of your business objectives so that we can improve your print environment to help you meet them.


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