Microsoft Dynamics 365

Engage customers, empower agents and find new ways to add value with Dynamics 365. Use it to meet the needs of a specific line of business, or as an integrated solution that links sales, marketing and customer service to enhance processes and the customer experience.

Increase sales productivity

Help sales teams find and prioritise the right leads with rich insights into customers and their needs.
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Build better customer relationships

Bring your customer service and sales teams together to help them better engage with customers.

Enable marketing automation

Automate your marketing with Dynamics 365 for Marketing and convert more prospects into buyers.
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Turn customer relationships into revenue

Boost sales with the insights, guidance and tools to personalise customer experiences.

Increase sales productivity

Customer experience is overtaking price and product as the No. 1 differentiator. Streamlining all areas of customer interaction, the right CRM solution can help sales teams:

  • Simplify the sales process from initial contact to closing the deal.

  • Use centralised client data to gain access to real-time information and deliver solutions quickly

  • Enjoy greater mobility with a CRM that works across browsers and devices.

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Build better customer relationships

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Bringing customer service and sales together helps you better determine and predict your customer preferences and tailor your customer interactions. Using a Cloud CRM solution to combine these services enables you to:

  • Get insights into your customers’ journey so you can meet their expectations.

  • Provide mobile applications for your clients and staff no matter what device they’re using.

  • Offer customers an easy-to-use, self-service portal so they can be in control of their data and quickly find answers to their questions.

Marketing transformation starts here

Turn prospects into business relationships with Dynamics 365 for Marketing

  • Create and nurture leads - generate more leads across multiple channels and nurture sales-ready leads with personalised experiences.

  • Make smarter decisions - improve marketing ROI with embedded intelligence and analytics that track marketing performance.

  • Drive innovation – Adopt a modern, adaptable platform that’s easy to integrate with the other apps and services you use

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Turn relationships into revenue

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Grow business

  • Harness data to boost processes and profits while reducing acquisition costs.

  • Know where to prioritise your efforts in a fast-paced sales environment.

  • Close deals faster and increase revenue through sales collaboration.

Profit from your Projects

Deliver a seamless, end-to-end service experience with Dynamics 365 for Field Service. Built-in intelligence helps you resolve service issues quickly, reduce operational costs, and deliver positive online experiences.

Earn customers for life

Differentiate your brand with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. Built-in intelligence delivers faster, more personalised service and adds value to every interaction, even on the go.

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