The Filtered approach

Training is more meaningful when it’s tailored to individual needs. Partnering with Filtered, we use adaptive algorithms driven by real user data to personalise the training experience.

Built to enhance adoption, engagement and impact (AEI), all our solutions filter out unnecessary training to focus only on what the user needs to learn.

Reduce staff training workloads

Cut learners' training workload by 20-50%

Improve training outcomes

26% greater improvement than traditional e-learning

Tailor courses to individual needs

Personalised courses tailored to each user’s knowledge and need
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Customisation built-in

Configure training to meet your organisation’s needs

Why It Works

Personalised training is a fast and effective way to improve your employees skills. Delivered on a ‘need to know’ basis rather than a generic ‘one shoe fits all’ approach, this training style is more targeted, delivering better ROI.  Reducing learners’ training workloads by 20-50%, a study of 3,000 Filtered users revealed a 26% greater improvement when the course was Filtered.

How it works

Our evidence-based e-learning online uses algorithms to create a tailor-made course. The course is based on questions we ask about yourself and your role, and on feedback from similar users on modules they’ve enjoyed. This data helps us craft content that meets your learning needs.

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Customisation options

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Filtered can be adapted to look and feel part of your organisation. Our solutions architects will advise on how you can configure Filtered in areas such as:

  • Onboarding questions

  • Chat script

  • Skills framework

  • Content to be recommended

  • Logos, colours and themes