Threat detection

Cyber attacks can damage your finances and the reputation you’ve worked hard to build. TITAN: from global cyber and information security experts, ThinkMarble, provides 24x7x365 peace-of-mind against cyber threats to your business. Features include advanced cyber security threat and intrusion detection technologies and data behaviour monitoring.

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Vulnerability scanning – closing the door to hackers

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Cyber criminals love to find weaknesses in IT systems and software. Constant changes to devices, applications and even new patches can make you vulnerable to an attack even if your security controls are up-to-date. Regular vulnerability scanning is the best way to identify and fix network and software glitches before they are exposed.

ATLAS: from ThinkMarble is an industry leading vulnerability scanning and remediation tool that protects against possible threats.

Phishing awareness

Most successful data breaches start with a spear-phishing attack. Our robust Phishing Awareness solution delivers the user testing and education you need to strengthen your cyber-security defences.

Find out today what % of your employees are Phish-prone™ with a free phishing security test.


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Penetration testing




What value do I get from a penetration test?

From a commercial perspective, a penetration test can help close new business opportunities. If your customers are regulated, they may, in turn, need you to show that your products, services or environments are security tested regularly.


Compliance & assurance

Protect your business from cyber threats and reassure customers with our Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 compliance consulting and auditing services.

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government-backed accreditation scheme that helps protect organisations against common online threats. Partnering with ThinkMarble, an approved assessor and accrediting body for Cyber Essentials, we can guide and advise you on staying safe and compliant using the right security controls.

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GDPR consulting

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Failure to comply with GDPR can result in hefty fines. Working in conjunction with ThinkMarble, Xeretec will guide you in staying GDPR compliant. Here’s how it works:

  1. You answer a few simple questions on our easy-to-use portal to quickly ascertain your organisation’s level of compliance
  2. We assess your response and identify compliance failures and immediate risks to your organisation. This is verified by a specialist UK Data Protection Lawyer-led team.
  3. A gap analysis action plan is produced to help you see what steps you need to take to improve your performance.
  4. Once you have your report and plan you’ll have understand which parts of the GDPR have the greatest impact on your organisation and be able to prioritise accordingly.

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