Remove The Guesswork

Big data and analytics tools are often touted as the answer to today’s business woes - the key weapon in your digital transformation arsenal. The trouble is it can be difficult to see how they directly meet your organisation’s needs. Print fleets are notorious for being wasteful and inefficient, and while you may have the data to remedy these problems, you probably need some help making sense of it all. That’s where our analytics tools come in. 

Our in-house developed Xeretec Vision for print assessment and Xeretec Pulse for device analytics help you identify where change is needed, and make informed decisions that reduce waste, improve efficiency and drive down costs. Presenting data in a user-friendly visual format, Vision and Pulse make it easy to get the facts needed to transform your print environment. We also provide user analytics and design bespoke dashboards.


Xeretec Vision

Our in-house software development team developed Xeretec Vision, a dynamic business analytical platform, to provide you with a detailed view of your print environment. Combining analytics with powerful “what if” scenarios to easily identify inefficiencies and deliver solutions for more effective managed print, Vision provides the facts you need to confidently optimise your print environment. Information is displayed in a graphic and interactive dashboard for easy analysis and interpretation.

lap top pulse

Xeretec Pulse

Pulse is a business intelligence platform designed to monitor the behaviour of devices across your fleet, monitoring volumes, uptimes, incidents, SLA’s and utilisation.  Pulse’s interactive dashboard displays the data in an illustrative format for easy analysis.  Easily identify devices that are being under or over utilised.  Monitor volume trends, filtering by country, site and asset.  Instantly see if contracted SLA’s are being met.  View uptime per asset and drill down further to see all supplies and break-fix tickets.


User Analytics

Tackle areas such as sustainability, security and productivity with user analytics that help you identify where change is needed and adapt user behaviour with better print policies.


Bespoke Dashboards

Analyse business activity in granular detail with a bespoke business intelligence dashboard custom-built to your needs for any part of the business.