DaaS by Xeretec

What is DaaS?

As purchasing habits shift over time, new trends emerge in how people prefer to pay for products. In line with this change, we've introduced DaaS by Xeretec - a revolutionary way to purchase your IT. Based around the 'as-a-service' model of buying services, instead of buying a device for the office (such as a desktop computer or tablet) and managing it yourself, Xeretec will source, support, and manage all of your devices for you.

DaaS empowers your workforce with the latest technology and security without upfront capital outlay or the burden of IT management. Powerful analytics also help you gain insight into usage patterns and make efficiency and productivity gains.

HP EliteBook family of laptops

Why do you need DaaS?

Xeretec Device as a Service user with HP Elite 1012 G2 Tablet

The profile of your workforce is changing

Workers expect the latest and greatest technology from employers. Refresh ageing hardware at more regular intervals with DaaS.

You need to migrate to Windows 10

Microsoft have announced that they are ending free support for Win 7. DaaS gives you access to the latest Windows 10 devices today.

You need to improve network security

The most up-to-date hardware and software ensure greater levels security. Increase security with more frequent refresh rates with Device as a Service

You need to focus on ROI across your IT fleet

DaaS is ultimately cheaper than buying devices up front – with the added benefit of unique fleet analytics that can help drive cost efficiencies even further.

What benefits does DaaS bring to your business?

Whether you're a start-up or a large corporate, DaaS delivers a whole host of business benefits, including:

  • A superior end user technology experience, allowing you to attract and retain top talent.
  • Easy and ongoing access to the latest Win 10 ready technology with regular hardware refresh cycles.
  • Effective management of your technology with automated, pro-active hardware and software analytics.
  • Peace of mind that your data, and devices are secure
  • Cash efficiencies with no initial capital outlay

Read the litepapers below:

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